Oh diary, diary

Daddy said I did better yesterday. 😄 He said I seemed more willing to serve and in a better mood than I’ve been in for the last little while. Starting the blog has helped me focus and it helps a lot when the house isn’t a disaster area. 

I’m starting to get some views on my posts! People are actually reading what I have to say! The internet is a wonderful place sometimes. It has allowed an introvert like me to socialize and put my knowledge out there without social pressures and restrictions. 

I never realized how much I already know about bdsm and the lifestyle until I took on this venture. Of course I don’t know everything and there’s always learning to be done but it’s really satisfying to realize that I have quite a bit of knowledge to contribute. 

Things have been looking up, heading in the right direction recently. I’ve got a shiny new job with amazing career potential to walk into when we move and I feel better since my focus has shifted to where it belongs. 

Now if only I could get my sleep schedule where it needs to be! 


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