Daddies and their Littles. 

I’ve come across quite a bit of controversy about this in my social media explorations today so let’s dive in! 

You might be conflicted with this and that’s OK. There’s even a little bit of misunderstanding about Daddies and Littles within the bdsm community so don’t feel bad. The common misconception is that it stems from so called “daddy issues”. This simply isn’t the case. While daddy issues are a thing that people have, this dynamic is not rooted there. 

This dynamic focuses on nurturing the submissive’s inner innocence as well as growth and self improvement. That’s not to say other doms are not also focused on these things but a Daddy is more of a doting caregiver. They enjoy the child like innocence offered by a little and enjoy seeing them squeal over a new stuffie or coloring book (Crayola coloring books for adults?! All of my YES!). Don’t let their doting fool you though. They are quite strict and expect their littles to behave. 

The term “Daddy” as it is used in this context is a term of endearment for a warm, doting, and even mentor like figure of authority within a relationship. The taboo is also part of the draw, screaming “oh yes Daddy” in bed can be erotic.
Littles are just people who favor the more innocent (doesn’t necessarily have to be childlike) things in life such as art and crafting, animated media, and just reading in the bathtub; we particularly enjoy things of the snuggly nature. Littles want to be ‘little’, cherished for their young at heart quirks and desires. 

Littles come with a little attitude and Daddies know just how to handle them. 


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