​I decided to try the word prompt challenge today. The word was “sidewalk”. 

What do sidewalks have to do with bdsm? 

They’re public spaces. So let’s talk about bdsm and public spaces. 

Most people aren’t fond of public displays of affection to begin. Throwing bdsm into the mix is a recipe for mothers ushering their kids away and possibly even a call to the local police department. Remember how talked about the importance of consent? That plays a part here too. Did the people in the mall consent to seeing you walk your sub on a leash on her hands and knees? Probably not. The bdsm community is taboo enough in the outside world, please don’t add fuel to the fire. 

That being said, there are ways you can get your kink on in public without anyone ever noticing. There are bandage harnesses you can tie on your submissive that are designed to be worn underneath clothing so your submissive can be bound in your favorite rope on a trip to the mall. There are quiet, discreet vibrators that can been secretly worn in public. You can also set up protocol to be followed in public such as ordering food for your submissive, or etiquette that requires them to wait for your signal to begin eating

You can get pretty creative with public play without drawing anyone’s attention. 

Always remember to be safe, sane, and consensual. Your creativity is your only limit.


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