My hero! 

This week’s challenge was to write about your hero and I just couldn’t pick one. There’s a lot to talk about here beyond my heroic inspiration. 

The first thought that came to me was a pretty, fragile princess swooning over the knight in shinning armor who just rescued her. Insert eye roll here.

The more I thought about the more aggravated I became. The world is overflowing with buff, strong men in tights or armor who swoop in at the last minute, having beaten incredible odds to come save today’s damsel in distress. 

Do you know how frustrating that is? The selection of heroes with boobs is sadly slim. I think that’s why Frozen and Brave are so popular. Those girls saved themselves and,  for the most part, didnt need a man to do it. 

The notion of damsels in distress and the heroes who rescue them is so overrated. Let the woman save the man a few times! Let the man do something ridiculous or stupid that lands them in a situation that could’ve easily been avoided but now requires feats of strength and courage to rescue them from. 

Enter the authors. They are my heroes. They make women strong and heroic. They give us heroes we can relate to better than the muscle bound, macho men. Even the male heroes they write are more believable and relatable. I enjoy super hero movies but I can’t relate to Tony Stark or even Wonder Woman. The women I can relate to, who are more real and believable, are usually the ones who need rescuing, usually more than once. 

That’s why I turned to books. My favorite authors taught me that anyone can be a hero, that women can be strong and don’t always need to be rescued, that women can be the ones doing the rescuing! 

J. K. Rowling taught me how to read and how to enjoy reading. Not literally of course. You know what I mean. 

Steven King taught me that there’s a hero in everyone and to stand and be true. 

Cormac McCarthy taught me to carry the fire. 

Frances Hodgson Burnett taught me that nature can make sour things sweet. 

But it was the authors who chase their dreams free of charge on the internet who showed me that I wasn’t alone, that nothing was wrong with me, and that I really could have the things I want in life. It’s those authors who brought me here today. Those authors inspired me to chase my dreams even though they may not make me wealthy or even comfortable. 

Those authors are my heroes. 


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