Giddy Giddy Diary Diary

Just two more weeks until the big move! Did some more adulting yesterday to get ready for my shiny new job. Daddy says not to worry but I can’t help but worry. I’ve never been able to not worry. I’ve always had to take care of someone and manage everything. I’m tired of worrying, I’m tired of managing, and I’m just plain tired. 

Once we get moved and settled in it’ll get better though. There won’t be so much to worry about. I’ll be able to rest. 

I’ll be in a new environment with people more like me. No more worries about judgement from the locals. No more worries about scraping by. I’ll be working in a more social environment instead of being stuck in a room by myself. I’m not a very social person but it gets old quick, being by myself at work all day. 

My blog is doing really well though. Thank you to everyone following me and reading my thoughts. I hope they help you feel less alone in your struggles. I’ve gotten quite a few followers in recent days and I’m thankful to be doing something that people care enough about to take a few minutes out of their busy days.

Daddy will feel better when we move too. He’ll be able to find good work since jobs in his field are plentiful where we’re going. If it weren’t for my family I’d be stuck in a Wendy’s kitchen or serving at Applebee’s. There really isn’t much else here beyond that. Nothing but piddly minimum wage jobs that can’t pay your bills and get ridiculed for. 

My family doesn’t like Daddy much right now. They don’t understand that there just isn’t anything here for him. Or me really. They seem to think all our misfortune is his fault but they just don’t understand that there just isn’t anything here. They don’t understand how hard it is to find gainful employment here. They want him to be some big shot making 80 grand a year like my sister’s fiance. Well my sister’s fiance is working himself to death for that salary and he’s absolutely miserable. I don’t want Daddy to be miserable. I don’t want Daddy to work 80 hours a week. I don’t want much and they don’t get that. I don’t want a ton of fancy stuff or a fancy apartment. I want a comfortable, affordable apartment. I want to be able to go to the park and read, to blow twenty or thirty bucks on a new book of snuggle thing. I want a cheap apartment so we can have a ginormous TV to hook our computer up to. I want enough spare time to write and work on our comics. They just don’t get it. I don’t want all the fancy, expensive things they want for me. That’s just not me. I’m a financially low maintenance person. There’s no reason for Daddy to work himself to death at a job he hates. There’s no reason for either of us to do that. 

But we’ll show them! Daddy will have what he needs to be able to take care of me where we’re going. There will always be stuff to do and we won’t have to drive for an hour or shell out a ton of money to do it. What few things we have and want will be nice. There won’t be so much clutter. We’ll be another step closer to our goals. And we’ll get there on our own. 

All good things come with patience and work. 


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