Top 20 things Kitty likes to wake up to. In no particular order. 

This post is actually an assignment from Daddy. 

  1. The sound of birds. I used to leave my bedroom window cracked open so I could wake up to bird songs
  2. Forehead kisses and snuggles
  3. Hot tea. 
  4. Mild temperatures. Slightly cool helps me wake up better
  5. Foooooood! 
  6. I like to catch up on the news in the mornings 
  7. A nice cigarette 
  8. Dryer fresh snugglerobe! 
  9. Kitty purrs
  10. Something to laugh at
  11. Having my clothes for the day already laid out and ready
  12. Fresh toast with apple butter
  13. Fresh bagels and cream cheese 
  14. A daily list
  15. Snuggles! 
  16. Foot rubs
  17. Fresh fruits
  18. My medication set out and ready
  19. Nice hot tea on the porch in the cool morning air
  20. Forehead kisses! 

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