Dearest Diary

My favorite furbaby was adopted today. We have to rehome them. It wouldn’t be responsible to take them with us since we can’t afford the pet deposit and such. Kylo is going to a good home though. His new family will be able to get him fixed and take him to the vet regularly. They will love him and play with him. I’m going to miss my 2nd bestsest (Daddy is the 1st) snuggle buddy though! He kept the meanies away from me at night. 

It’s almost time for the move. Daddy’s family is helping us get up there. He’s got a great family. I still worry but I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t worry. I’m nervous about living in a big city. I’ve never lived in a city at all, much less one so large. I’ve always lived out in the county on the outskirts of civilization. There’s all kinds of fun things to do there though, and it’s all free or really cheap. We’ll both have better jobs there so we’ll even be able to do the not so cheap stuff occasionally. 

The best part is that there’s an active bdsm community there we can participate in once we’re ready. We’ll really be able to get into the lifestyle too since we won’t have to worry about family randomly popping in on us and I won’t be a spring loaded ball of stress. 

I’ve been considering finding a coven when we get there. There’s a very active pagan community there too. Maybe it’s time for me to find other pagans to learn from and practice with. Daddy is going to find a church to go to when when we get there. Maybe I’ll go with him. I haven’t decided yet. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to his faith since I don’t believe the same way. I have had very fulfilling spiritual experiences at a non-denominational church before but that was before I converted and I have no plans of converting again. I’ve found my spiritual path. There’s no reason Daddy and I can’t walk our paths together even though they’re different. He respects my path and I respect his. 

Daddy read my list of things I like to wake up to! He reads all my posts of course. He picked me some morning glories this morning and set out my clothes for the day and had my breakfast and a cigarette ready! Happy kitty today! This was a good morning! I woke up to snuggles and forehead kisses! Such a good morning this morning! Can’t wait till we move and have even better mornings! 


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