It’s been a little while since you last heard from me. In that time Daddy and I have successfully made our transition to a new city, including fruitful careers for both of us, and we are currently working on our transition into living the lifestyle 24/7. We are now in a place in our life together where we can catch our breath and stop to smell the roses.

It’s an altogether new experience-this improved quality of life we have attained. We have the freedom and mobility to go out and interact with the world now. I feel like a child who has been let out into the world after serving their disciplinary confinement. Everything is bright and new now. The dust of the world has been wiped away to reveal its vivid colors and possibilities.

It has not come without sacrifice. These were sacrifices we were willing to make; sacrifices of material constraints that cluttered up our life. We are now learning the value of quality over quantity and that has also been a freeing experience. Our simpler living has enabled us to keep our spaces cleaner and more organized.

This cleansing of physical spaces has also improved my mental spaces. I have found myself able to focus at my new job and even to socialize with a couple of my coworkers. I haven’t had any issues fitting in with these new people because I don’t try to fit in. They get what I give them and they can take it or leave it. I’ve never fit in many places so I don’t waste the energy to try. I have better things to spend that energy on.

Daddy has felt much better since our transition as well. I can’t express how proud I am of him for improving so much,so quickly. It’s like he can breathe again too. He’s been more active and he’s starting to shine now, his depression has been receding. Our new life is wiping the dust off of him as well.

We’re planning on dipping our toes into the local BDSM community at the beginning of next year. Since I have to protect my vanilla identity (a common struggle for many who participate in this lifestyle) I have been working on a persona I can use that you all will get to see as well. This wont be a fake version of me or some other person to play in public, this will be another side of me that I can’t show to the vanilla world. This side of me will finally be given flesh and form, a body and a soul.

Included in all of these new changes to my life will be changes to my website. If you have any constructive criticism for me about content or functionality of this website, now is the time. I need your input to improve your experience here so keep an eye out for changes and let me know what works and what doesn’t.

So long for now but be warned: You’ll be seeing me a lot more.


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