Long Lost Diary

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a diary entry. A lot has happened.

Daddy and I are pretty much settled in now; just smoothing out adult stuff now. It’s so amazing living in a big city. There’s so much to do and so much to see! It’s all so close to where we live too! My new job has been going really well and so has Daddy’s.

Now that everything has calmed down to a slight clamor we have begun to assemble my own system of structure. I gave Daddy a list of things I need/want to do throughout the week including things like a consistent bedtime/wake-up routine. I left the list vague so that Daddy could determine the finer points as well as add or subtract as he sees fit.

So far these rules have been officially assigned:

  • Bedtime between 10-10:55pm.
  • Get ready for bed, finish anything in progress, wind down between 10-10:55pm.
  • Be in bed by 10:55pm at the absolute latest.
  • Set alarm for 6:30am.
  • Be up and out of bed by 6:45am at the absolute latest.
  • Take medication!
  • Shower every morning.
  • Make sure Daddy’s work clothes are properly ironed and organised by outfit.
  • Ask Daddy for permission to smoke (This is rule has been maintained since we first tried to set this up over a year ago).
  • No friend requests on Facebook without Daddy’s approval (this rule is also leftover from a year ago).
  • Failure to abide any of these rules will result in loss of privileges (cigarettes or wine currently) or spoon spankings determined by Daddy.

Officially assigned protocols:

  • Kneel while undressing Daddy when he gets home from work.

Monday was the first day that my rules and protocol take effect. So far so good! lol. I did have a little mishap where Daddy told me to do the dishes and I completely forgot. My smoking privileges were revoked for today but since it was a request rather than a rule (for now at least) Daddy decided I could smoke today as long as I did the dishes as soon as I got up this morning. Needless to say, I did the dishes as soon as I woke up. We also set up a reward system. When I get up or go to bed early, or do really well in general I am to tell Daddy (since we work and sleep opposite schedules) and ask for a kitty treat! Though to be honest, I probably will not use that as often myself because I will most likely forget and I am super hard on myself. I do tell Daddy sometimes when I’m extra awesome (if I don’t forget, which I usually do) and he usually gives me some kind of treat-candy most of the time, because I cannot be trusted to ration my own candy, lol!

This week Daddy will be working on my routine. A schedule for blogs and related posts will be made so I will be here more regularly soon. I suspect he will develop my protocol on the fly as we go. I’m sure we will make many adjustments as needed; that is part of this process.

I made a fetlife account so I can meet up with some other submissives in our area and find some local munches and clubs later on. Daddy already has one so I friended him and did the relationship status and all that. He will be screening my friend requests and I will only be friending other submissives.

I’m excited that we finally got the ball rolling! I’m much more secure in it than I was when we tried this over a year ago. I know Daddy better now and have more trust in him. I feel like we’re making a lot of progress and I think this blog is partially responsible since it keeps the lifestyle and our dynamic somewhere in the forefront of my mind most of the time.

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