So Many Thanks!

I’m so excited to have over 50 followers! This is something that I started on a whim as a self-improvement project. I needed a constructive way to keep the lifestyle closer to the front of my mind while accomplishing some self discovery. I never really imagined so many people would use precious minutes of their lives to read about this…odyssey of mine. It gives me warm fuzzies all over seeing people keep up with my progress on a regular basis.

This experience has helped me to not only learn more about myself, but to think outside myself in an effort to examine the lifestyle on many levels I hadn’t thought about before. This wonderful self-improvement exercise has turned into something more and I have you all the thank for that!

I’ve realized that I know quite a bit more than I originally thought. The lifestyle is something that I feel passionate about and educating people is part of that passion. So while I may have a decent pool of knowledge for a novice I still have a lot more to learn, especially if I want to educate other about it. The best way to fight the taboo against the lifestyle and those who practice it is to spread accurate information about it.

Seeing how far this has come in so short a time makes me hopeful that I’ve created something with the potential to be meaningful to others. That could not be a possibility without you. This is just as much yours now as it is mine. Help me make it (and keep it) a meaningful source of outreach and information by providing feedback or your own knowledge (we can’t all know everything now, can we?). Send me an email at with constructive criticism and suggestions or questions. If I’ve made an inaccuracy or need to expand on something, please let me know. I will research the topic and update as needed.

Did I mention how grateful I am that you’ve taken the time to read this? Shine on you beautiful person you!


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